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Diamond Class Trailers

Your Innovative Trailer Manufacturer

STC Trailers has been manufacturing commodity belt bottom trailers and chassis mounted truck boxes with diamond class standards since 2007. Our finished products are unrivaled, as we continually strive to make innovative changes and improvements to our product line.

Our trailers and trucks beds are distinguished by the Diamond that is built into the side of each unit. The aesthetics and structural soundness of this design set our trailers apart from our competitors. This feature is proven to effectively provide more strength without sacrificing flexibility. To learn more, please contact us today.


What We Offer


Our qualified and experienced team manufactures commodity belt bottom trailers with Diamond Class standards that are made to last. Our unique design features a "diamond" built right into the side of each unit.


Truck Beds

If you want a commodity truck bed that give you more flexibility, get one built by STC Trailers. Our live bottom truck beds come with more options than any other commodity bed on the market today - including a patent pending vertical sliding door.


Trailer Parts

At STC Trailers, not only will you find high-quality replacement parts for trailers we manufacture, you can find parts for our competitor's trailers as well. From tail lights to new hydraulic systems, we've got all your parts needs covered.


Trailer Restoration

Is your older trailer no longer safe or reliable? Let STC Trailers help bring it back to life. Our rebin program allows you a chance to rebuild your worn-out and useless old commodity trailer into a virtually new, road-worthy money maker.


Custom Fabrication

STC can custom fabricate anything you may need for your farm, packing shed, or processing plant. Our engineering department works hand-in-hand with you to develop specialized equipment that will meets your needs.