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Diamond Class Standard Trailers

Looking for a better way to move your crops? Achieve that goal with help from STC Trailers. Our qualified and experienced team manufactures commodity belt bottom trailers with Diamond Class standards that are made to last. Our unique design features a “diamond” built right into the side of each unit.

Not only does the look of our unique diamond design set STC apart from our competitors, it provides structural soundness. Over and over again this feature has proven that it effectively provides more strength, without sacrificing flexibility. You’ll be able to move your commodities more efficiently and with confidence!

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Standard Features

  • Stainless Steel Bin
  • Carbon Steel Sub Frame
  • Spring Suspension
  • PTO and electric hydraulic unloading system
  • Rear Door – Full Swing Rear Door, Solid Tailgate with Folding Potato Door,  Manual Flip or Hydraulic Flip
  • HMW Plastic Side Liner – 3/16″
  • UHMW Plastic Floor Liner – 1/4″

Optional Features

  • Belt Widths – 42, 60
  • Body With – 102″
  • Side Wall Height – 24″, 29″, 31″, 34″, 36″, 40″, 41″, 45″, 53″, 55″, 59″, 65″, 75″
  • Rear Door – Top Hinge, Knife Gate
  • Unload System – Honda Gas Motor Unload System
  • Suspension – Air Ride, Steerable Lift or Full Axel with Lift
  • Lighting – Double Row Marker Lights, Spot Lights

Your new trailer will come with a 2-year warranty on all parts! Contact us today for additional details.