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Self-Unloading Truck Beds

If you want a commodity truck bed that give you more flexibility, get one built by STC Trailers LLC. Our live bottom truck beds come with more options that any other commodity bed on the market today – including a patent pending vertical sliding door.

It’s the newest and most innovative design ever seen in a truck bed. On top of that, we’re the only manufacturer to offer chain flap belt or double drive solid belt, plus a full swing tailgate option.


Built With the Best Parts and Materials

STC Trailers uses only the best available components and stainless steel materials in the construction of our beds. Our unique design offers a stronger and more durable bed, which means a longer more useful life span when compared to a carbon steel bed.

Download information about our Self Unloading Truck Beds.


Standard Features

  • Patent pending vertical sliding side door
  • 102” wide body
  • 20’ length
  • 31” wide belt
  • PTO and electric hydraulic unloading system
  • Bolt-on tail fin and discharge assembly
  • Manual rollover tarp system

Truck Bed Capacity and Weight

  • 20’ – 330 sacks
  • 22’ – 360 sacks
  • 24’ – 390 sacks


  • Double drive solid unload belt
  • Patent pending removable carry rollers
  • Built-in belt take-up
  • Chain and flap unload belt
  • PTO hydraulic unload system only
  • 7.5 hp electric/hydraulic unload system only
  • Solid tailgate with fold down potato door
  • Full swing barn door tailgate
  • 96” wide body
  • 25” or 36” wide belt
  • EZ Tarp auto tarp system

We will beat most competitors pricing on parts and services!